Daily Prediction Game

Think you understand the game of cricket better than anyone else? Participate in the daily prediction game to win coins every week.

Play prediction game with these easy steps:

  1. Answer 1 question everyday

    Participate in the daily prediction game by answering 1 prediction question in a day. You need to select one of the two available outcomes for that question before its cut-off time.

    DEL vs CHN Will Sharma score a century today? Yes No BAN vs MUM 02:13:24 Who will win today’s match? Bangalore Mumbai YOU WON +1 WOW! Yesterday’s prediction was correct. Get today’s right to continue your streak. S M T W T F S
  2. Get consecutive days correct to form a streak

    Consecutive correct predictions form a streak. For example, If you predict correctly for 2 days in a row, you would have a streak score of 2. If you get a prediction incorrect or miss all questions in a day, your streak is broken. The weekly streak resets on Sunday.

    S M 2 T W T F S
  3. Save available once a week

    You can save a broken streak by using your coins. The save is available only for the next 24 hours and before you make a prediction for the next day. The save can be used only once a week. The saved day adds up to your existing streak score and your streak continues. You can not save your streak if the last prediction for a week is incorrect or missed.

    S M 2 T W T F S SAVE STREAK -12 OOPS! Yesterday’s prediction was incorrect. Your streak of 2 day is about to restart, you can save your streak for 12 coins Your streak of 2 days is safe. Predict today’s correctly and get to a streak of 3. Good luck. Streak saved! S M 2 T W T F S
  4. Get highest streak for weekly prize

    If you have the longest weekly streak, you qualify for the googly question of Weekly streak contest. You need to answer the googly question correctly to win the weekly coin prize. In case of multiple winners, the prize pool is split equally.

    S M T W T F S Answer the GOOGLY QUESTION to claim your cash prize. You have the highest streak! CLAIM 02:13:24 SUBMIT ANSWER GOOGLY QUESTION 02:13:24 Which T20 team does Dhoni play for? Mumbai Chennai Bangalore